The 2013 class of the Texas High School Basketball Hall of Fame

Richard Clemit (R.C.) Hyden (Buna H.S. coach) - He graduated from Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College and came to Buna as a coach and teacher in 1949. After serving in the Korean War, he returned in 1952 as high school principal. He took over the girls basketball team and had a record of 347-38 with five state tournament appearances and four state championships (1956, ‘57, ‘60, ‘61) in his 10 years at the helm. He completed his 31 years in Buna as superintendent, retiring in 1982.
Rhonda Farney (Georgetown H.S. coach) - A graduate of Howard Payne University, she has won over 900 games, including stops at Goldthwaite, Ozona and Georgetown. Her teams have made five appearances at the state tournament including runner-up finishes in 1992, 2003 and 2011. She has served as president of TGCA and was the first female to be president of TABC.
Mike Kunstadt (C.C. Carroll & Irving coach)  - The graduate of Texas Tech coached and taught  at Corpus Christi Carroll and Irving for twenty-six years taking Carroll to the state tournament and averaging 20 wins per season. He directed John Wooden’s summer camps for 18 years and in 1988 he founded Great American Shootouts, and Texas Basketball Preview Scouting Service. He was TABC President when Texas players were approved to attend camps and play in leagues by the UIL.
David Lattin (Worthing H.S. player) - A two time high school All-America selection, he led Worthing to the 1962 state championship. After high school he played for Don Haskins at Texas Western College (now UTEP) where the Miners  won the 1966 NCAA basketball championship. Drafted by the San Francisco Warriors in 1967 he spent eight years in the NBA, ABA and the world famous Harlem globetrotters.
Harry Miller (Edna, Seguin, Temple coach) - After successful season at Edna, Seguin and Temple high schools he was head coach at Baylor University for five years. His 1992-93 Temple team was 35-1. After serving as TABC president in 1983-84 he served as TABC liason to the UIL and was instrumental in the rule change allowing Texas high school players to attend camps and play in leagues. He has served as an administerat Belton, Cedar Hill and Salado.
Dennis Smith (S.A. McCollum coach)
- A graduate of Howard Payne College where he played basketball and baseball, he began his coaching career in Somerset, where he coached both boys and girls basketball. In 1966 he was hired as boys basketball coach at McCollum, a position he held for thirty years. With over 500 career wins, he was selected as San Antonio “Coach of the Year” three times. The McCollum gym is named in his honor.

Previous Inductees

Alford, Raymond, Beaumont, 1974

Allen, Billy, Dallas Highland Park, 1984

Andrews, Leta Rains, Coach, 1987

Arnette, Jay, Austin McCallum, 1974

Arnold, Billy, Haltom, 2000

Baccus, F.C. "Whitey", Estelline, 1972

Ballard, Alton, Contributor, 1998

Banks, Jerode, Temple,, 1999

Battise, Calvin W., Livingston, 1983

Beard, Weldon, Coach, 2000

Beasley, John, Linden-Kildare, 1975

Bender, Wanda, Coach, 2003

Benefield, Sonny, Sweeny, 1999

Benton, Paul, Madison, 2011

Betts,  Sue, A&M Consolidated, 2012

Black, A.C., Dallas Crozier Tech, 1993

Black, Leon, Martins Mill, 1973

Blair, Gary, Coach, 2003

Bond, Jim, Pampa, 1975

Bonewitz, Stanley, East Central, 2001

Boone, Russell B., Sweeney, 1986

Brannon, Byron "Buster", Athens, 1972

Breithaupt, Charles, Coach, 2003

Brewster, Gary, Midland, 1987

Briggs Collin, Coach, 1991

Brock, Holly, Beaumont, 1973

Broussard, Carroll, Port Arthur Jefferson, 1980

Browder, Darrell, Ft. Worth Dunbar, 1992

Brown, Jack, Dallas, CrozierTech, 1976

Brown, Larry, Bryan, 2010

Brown-McCoy, Barbara, Dallas SOC, 2009

Bullock, Rick, San Antonio Jefferson, 1985

Cannon, Sue, Euless Trinity, 2009

Carlisle, George B., Prairie Lea, 1986

Carr, Jackie, Houston Wheatley, 1997

Carswell, Frank, Houston Jeff Davis, 1973

Carter, Johnnie, Carrthage, 1998

Cash, James, I.M. Terrell, 1996

Catchings, Tamika, Duncanville, 2000

Cleveland, Kenneth, Coach, 1993

Cody, Jeff, Cleburne, 2009

Cohen, Andy, El Paso, 1985

Coleman, Don, Coach, 1994

Conradt, Jody, Coach, Midway, 1998

Cook, Jack, Victoria, 2010

Cooley, Denton, San Jacinto, 1995

Curtis, Albert "Abb", Ft. Worth Paschal, 1982

Davalos, Rudy, San Antonio Edison, 1999

Davis, W.F. "Buddy", Nederland, 1984

Davis-Pool, Lynn, Canyon High School 2012

Dawson, Carroll, Alba, 2001

DeWitt, Bill, Waco, 1987

DeWitt, John, Waco, 1988

Didrikson, Mildred "Babe", Beaumont, 1995

Dietzel, Adolph, St. Mary's Academy, 1976

Dornak, Carolyn, Jourdanton, 1992

Dotson, Dale, Rusk, 1984

Drexler, Clyde, Houston Sterling, 1993

Duncan, Kelly, Cayuga, 1984

Eckel, Claudia, Coach, Victoria, 2006

Ehlo, Craig, Lubbock Monterey, 1996

Eldridge, Bill, San Antonio Alamo Heights, 1992

English, Jerry, Coach, 2001

Enis, Benniek Krum, 2011

Eppers, Suzie Snider, Robinson, 1988

Ethridge, Kamie, Lubbock Monterey, 2004

Evans, Earl, Port Arthur Lincoln, 1995

Farney, Bill, Crawford, UIL, 2007

Flanagan, Rick, Crockett, 2001

Follis, O.W., Coach, 1986

Ford, Gib, Amarillo, 1983

Fortenberry, Joe C., Happy, 1975

Fortner, Nell, New Braunfels, 2002

Foust, Carroll "Slatts", Carey, 1987

Franklin, Ed H., Houston Lamar, 1987

Franks, Larry, Nacogdoches, 1986

Freiberger, Marcus Ross, Greenville, 1974

Fultz, John Paul, Dallas Samuell, 1990

Gamble, James, Coach, 1995

Gay, Yulonda Wimbish, Victoria, 2000

Gerke, Calvin, Snook, 1988

Gillingham, Heidi, Poth, 2001

Glover, Bob, Dallas Jefferson, 1993

Gomez, Placido, Houston Jeff Davis, 1974

Goode, Roger, Coach, 2004

Grammer, Jack, Coach, 2003

Gray, Bonnie Buchanan, May, 1993

Gray, Jack ,Wills Point, 1971

Guerra, Jesus "Chuey", Roma, 1998

Guice, John, Coach, 1998

Hall, Chuck, Krum, 1990

Hall, Pennee, Barbers Hill, 2007

Hamilton, Tom, Dallas Crozier Tech, 1981

Hamm, Troy, Krum, 2010

Hanebutt, Rene, Bowie, 2002

Hardy, Darrell, Houston Jeff Davis, 1982

Harston, Kathy, Southlake Carroll, 1996

Haskins, Don, Coach, 1998

Hatch, John Allen, Buna, 1987

Hayes, E.O. "Doc", Coach, 1993

Henry, Bill, Dallas Highland Park, 1982

Herrera, Nemo, Coach, EP Coronado, 1999

Hill, Thomas, Lancaster, 2000

Horn, Don, Coach, Snook, 2006

Horn, Jimmy, Coach, 1992

House, Troy, Player, Ingram Tom Moore, 2006

Hughes, Robert, Coach, Ft. Worth Dunbar, 1993

Hunt, Melynn, Lubbock, 2011

Hunt,Duane, Borger, 2012

Isquierdo, Mike, El Paso, 1972

Johnson, Larry, Dallas Skyline, 1991

Jones, Dwight, Houston Wheatley, 1986

Jones, Tommy, Crane, 1994

Jowers, Milton, Coach, 1994

Kaminsky, Robert, Bellaire, 1991

King, Ford Sr., Coach, 1992

Kinney, Bob, San Antonio Jefferson, 1976

Kitts, Jimmy, Coach, 1987

Koudelka, Sammy, Moulton, 2007

Kroll, Jerry, Spring Branch Memorial, 2003

Krueger, Bill, Coach, 1991

LaFleur, Margaret Menard, East Chambers, 1986

Lahodny, Jan, Coach, 1999

Lamb, Monica, 2008

Lenox, Bennie, Clear Creek, 1983

Lewis, Guy V., Arp, 1996

Lewis, Rashard, Elsik, 2005

Littleton, Jimmy, South S.A., 2010

Lombard, Joe, Canyon, 2007

Loudermilk, Jan, Big Spring, 1974

Lummus-Crabtree, Kim, Cleburne, 2003

Malaise, John "Dub", Odessa, 1980

Mallett, Jerry, Beau. S. Park, 1982

Martin, Slater, Hou. Jeff Davis, 1971

Matthews, Jerry, Coach, 2001

Mattingly, Raymond, Coach, 1991

Mauldin, Tony, Morton, 2010

McCarty, Mickey, Pasadena, 1985

McCleary, Charlie, Museum Administrator, 1995

McDowell, Jewell, Amarillo, 1973

McKinley, Bobby, Bowie, 1997

McNeely, Clifton, Greenwood Slidell, 1980

Meadows, Sandra, Coach, 1991

Metcalf, Shelby, Coach, 1997

Middleton, David, Brazoswood, 2009

Miksch, LeRoy, Coach, 1992

Miller, Bryan, Crozier Tech, 2009

Moers, Bobby, Hou. Reagan, 1972

Mounts, Del Ray, Perryton, 1996

Murphy, Jim, R.L. Turner, 1983

Myers, Gerald, Borger, 1981

Needham, Roy M., Coach, 1984

Newland, Janis Irby, Claude, 1995

Newman, Tommy, Coach, 2001

Nichols, Ruth Cannon, Cotton Center, 1985

Odum, Lometa, Dimmitt, 1984

O'Neal, Richard "Dick", Ft. Worth Polytechnic, 1976

O'Neal, Shaquille, SA Cole, 1992

Ostertag, Greg, Duncanville, 1998

Outlaw, Bo, SA Jay, 2002

Overall, Bill, San Marcos, 2003

Overall, Buck, Cushing, 1986

Overstreet-Bledsoe, Thelma, Bowie, 2003

Owens, Eddie, Hou. Wheatley, 1990

Payton, John, W. Scott & B. Charlton-Pollard, 2004

Phillips, Gene, Hou. Jones, 1976

Pierce, Ricky, Garland, 1994

Porter, Marsha, Coach, 2004

Price, Cedric, I.M. Terrell, 2000

Price, Edwin, Corsicana, 1971

Qualls, Lewis, Hou. Smiley, 1990

Rankin-Schneider, Jill, Phillips, 2003

Ransopher, Phil, Announcer – UIL, 2012

Redin, Harley, Coach, 2003

Redwine, W.J. "Sleepy", Carey, 1988

Reeves-Brandenburg, Carol, Bryan Adams, 2011

Reid, Jim, Coach, 1996

Reid, Robert, Clemens, 2002

Reynolds, Phil, Waxahachie, 1988

Risinger, W.C. “Curley”, Bula, 2006

Roberts, Bud, Coach, Tulia, 1995

Robinson, M.N. "Cotton", Coach, 1983

Robinson, R.J. "Jackie", Ft. Worth Paschal, 1985

Romines, Leroy, Longview, 2009

Rote, Kyle, SA Jefferson, 1980

Rousseau, Freida Altman, Tulia, 2007

Royal, Lynn, Hughes Springs, 1997

Schlicher, John, Ft. Worth Paschal, 1988

Schneider, Bob, 1997

Sharp, Marsha, Texas Tech, 2008

Shelton, Gayno, 2005

Sherley, Rick, Hastings/TABC, 2008

Showalter, Larry, Dallas Adamson, 1985

Sledge, C.E. "Red", Dallas Tech, 1975

Smith, LaBradford, Bay City, 1995

Smith, M.A. "Catfish", Coach, 1981

Smith, Susan, Spring Westfield, 2010

Spain, Ken, Hou. Austin, 1991

Stallworth, Dave, D. Madison, 1997

Stanley, Don, Buna, 1983

Stanley, Pat, Buna, 2007

Story, Chester, Richland College, 2008

Sumner, W.W. "Doc", Athens, 1973

Swisher, Neil, V. Patti Welder, 1994

Swoopes, Sheryl, Brownfield, 1994

Teagle, Terry, Broaddus 1981

Terrell, Ira, Dallas Roosevelt, 1982

Thomas, Roy, Kirbyville, 2002

Tipton, Sam, Gruver/TGCA, 2008

Tompkins, Bennie, Athens, 1980

Tompkins, Freddie, Athens, 1984

Tompkins, John "Preacher", Athens, 1971

Tucker, Temple L., Bowie, 1971

Tullos, Don, Coach, 2003

Turner, Charlie L., Coach, 1985

Victorick, Donnie, Snook, 2010

Wacker, Mike, Converse-Judson, 2011

Waggoner, Linda Andrews, Comanche, 1999

Walker, Jesse, Coach, 2000

Weatherspoon, Teresa, W. Sabine, 1998

Weaver, O'Neal, Martins Hill, 1975

Webb, Spud, W. Hutchins, 1999

Weese, Dean, Coach, 1996

Wesley, David, Longview, 2003

Whisenhunt, Stanley, Coach, Abilene Wylie, 2006

Whitton, Jack, Coach, 2005

Wilbanks, Billy, Belton HS, 2012

Wilcoxson, Jim, Canyon Randall, 2012

Williams, Fred, Coach, 2005

Williams, J.W., Coach, 1988

Williams, Max, Avoca, 1972

Williams, Milton, Big Sandy, 2005

Womack, Charles, Hawley, 2005

Wright, Shereka, Copperas Cove, 2011

Wrightsil, Clarissa Davis, SA Jay, 1997






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